When we were kids, anything was possible … whether it was realistic or not. One of the best illustrations of this mindset was Saturday morning cartoons. Remember how great it was to lie on the floor in front of the TV and see your favorite comic book characters come to life? It was almost magical and anything and everything seemed possible. There was no limit to what those cartoon characters could do … even when it was totally outside the realm of reality. Heads popped off, spun around, and landed back on shoulders; arms and legs stretched like rubber bands across lakes or canyons; characters fell out of airplanes, hit the ground, and walked away without a scratch. And you know what was so amazing? They were back the next Saturday and did it all over again!

Why can’t we maintain that same mindset as adults? Why can’t we still believe anything is possible, even when it defies logic and reality? It’s because we grow up! When we reach adulthood, we realize the laws of physics, science, and nature come into play. We realize Scooby Doo doesn’t really talk and that Peter Parker doesn’t turn into Spiderman and fly.

Anything is Possible at Liberty National

Imagine Liberty National … Granted, there are things that are just fantasy and will never happen in the real world, but your Opportunity of a Lifetime with Liberty National is not one of them. Now that we’re into 2014 and beginning a new year, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible in terms of your personal and professional growth. I BELIEVE IN NO LIMITS!! YOU SHOULD TOO!

How can you enact those possibilities? Create a new mindset and a complete willingness to think and act outside the box. If you have always done something a certain way with results less than you wanted or hoped … change it. Do it differently, or don’t do it at all. Do something else instead. Turn your attention to a practice or procedure you may not have considered before. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

John Maxwell’s ‘Law of Awareness’ he says, “You must know yourself to grow yourself.” That advice is so simple, it’s profound. When you know what you are passionate about, you will find a way to achieve it. But you may need to think with a unique perspective and do something in an entirely new and different way. Or you may realize what you thought you were passionate about, isn’t at all what you are passionate about, and that you need to guide your life in an entirely new direction. The most important thing is to take a chance on yourself and your potential.

There’s No Stopping Us Now

I’m passionate about Liberty National and bringing the Opportunity of a Lifetime to as many individuals as possible. I’m passionate about what we do to help protect thousands of individuals and families against the financial devastation of death and illness. I’m passionate about helping each and every one of you know yourself and grow yourself. I’m passionate about providing you with the tools, training, and, inspiration to be the best Liberty National Agents, Supervising Agents, Agency Directors, and Agency Owners this great Company has ever had or will have. I’m passionate about you and your success!

I’m excited about our 2014 Company theme. ‘I BELIEVE’ is without limits or boundaries. ‘I BELIEVE’ puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you the power to do whatever you choose to do. ‘I BELIEVE’ means you have faith in yourself and the people around you so you all can achieve greatness, and that nothing is going to prevent you from reaching it. I BELIEVE … you believe … and when we believe together, there is no stopping us!