Oh, it’s on! Liberty National Leadership Academy 101 is in full-swing today. Be sure to make the most of it! So, what can you expect?Liberty National - Seize the Day at #LLA101

  1. Leadership Development: Expect speakers like SVP Rob Gray and EVP/CAO Steve DiChiaro to blow you away! You’ll hear tips and develop strategies needed to achieve success by people who have done it before you!
  2. Face-to-Face Networking: You will be surrounded not only by your peers from around the country, but also executives and leaders in the industry who are ready to shake your hand and meet you (the NEXT great Liberty National Leader!).
  3. Social Networking: The world will literally be at your fingertips at our Social Media Station, where you will be guided by our press team on how to use social sites to maximize your Agency’s online presence. You’ll have the opportunity to see your tweets stream live on our portable tweet display (just use the hashtag #LLA101 in your tweets)! Not to mention, there will be some awesome incentives for making waves in the social media sphere. Check your folder for details!
  4. Motivation: You will walk out of each session feeling both hungry for more information and eager to share your newfound wisdom with your team at home.

Can you even handle the awesomeness that is about to take place? Tell us what’s got you pumped about today’s events!