Steve Bontell- Liberty National Director

Steve Bontell- Liberty National Director

Do you remember your first day in the insurance industry? You were probably nervous, apprehensive, and maybe just a little scared, but when you needed someone to ease your doubts or calm your fears, your Manager was always there for you.

Since 1900, Liberty National has been putting the needs of others ahead of its own. Every day in our Branches across the country, we are personally inviting people from all walks of life to start a career with us. These people are students, soldiers, truck drivers, welders, fast food cashiers, hotel front desk clerks, and teachers.  Our candidates are promised unlimited income and management opportunities, but these dreams are only realized with the unselfish actions of our AUMs, UMs and Branch Managers. Our leaders, young and old, needed someone to believe in them.  Someone that would coach, inspire, encourage, and cultivate them to achieve great success in our business. Today, that someone is you!

Many of our new recruits and FYAs are simply learning to swim in our business. We’ve told them to start in the shallow part of the pool, where they’ll learn how to tread water. Next, we take them to the middle of the pool where they’ll learn to breathe and use their newly learned strokes. Then, we go to the deep end to swim together, demonstrating their hard work. When the recruit and FYA feel comfortable, they go out into the field, and are asked to successfully swim across to the other side. What makes Liberty National special is that we pledge to swim beside each and every person that is entrusting their career to us.

At a time when selfishness seems to rule our society, one Company and its cadre of leaders and new recruits believe selflessness is a better way. At Liberty National, when our Managers give, they receive. When our FYAs receive, they give back to their new recruits and FYAs as they grow to become the future leaders of tomorrow.

How far can you go? It all depends on how many others you bring along for the ride!