The Historical Garden District with Liberty NationalKnown as an upscale, historical neighborhood in New Orleans, the Garden District became a Designated National Historic Landmark in 1974*. The impressive neighborhood features a well-preserved area of traditional southern homes.

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The neighborhood was originally inhabited by wealthy Americans who moved to New Orleans after the Louisiana Purchase. Many of these Americans didn’t want to live inside the French Quarter, so they started their own neighborhood. Back then and today, a majority of houses built were surrounded by large gardens (hence the area’s name).

Well Known Places and Faces

Today, famous residents to The Garden District include actress Sandra Bullock, actor Nicolas Cage, NFL star Peyton Manning, and actor John Goodman**. Visitors to The Garden District often go to Lafayette Cemetery #1 (a filming location in Interview with the Vampire), eat at Commander’s Palace Restaurant, or ride the St. Charles Avenue streetcar.

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**, 2013