Raise the roof at Leadership Academy 101Check, baby, check, baby 1-2-3. 

Yes, YOU are in the right place. 

No, this isn’t the real DJ for the party LEADERSHIP ACADEMY 101 – Fundamentals of Branch Building beginning Tues., April 17.  But there WILL be a DJ.  So brace yourself.  It IS going to be LOUD.  Really, really loud. 

Times 10.

But loud music is TOTALLY appropriate since Assistant Unit Manager ROCK STARS are coming to the Home Office. 

What else can you expect during this amazing week?

AWESOME speakers pumping YOU up and arming YOU with LOTS of strategies for SUCCESS.  Good Texas food.  HIGH-FIVES from BIG fans at the Home Office. 

And much, much more.

INCLUDING, a special AWARD for the FIRST Assistant Unit Manager to drop a comment on THIS blog post. 

Which AUM will kick off the FIRST Leadership Academy 101 by receiving RECOGNITION and a special AWARD in front of EVERYONE?  Everyone at Leadership Academy and EVERYONE in cyberspace.  Yeah, we’ll blast your name on the OFFICIAL Liberty National Social Media pages and put YOU in Torch Magazine. 

All you gotta do is type a quick comment about why you are excited for Leadership Academy 101, and click ‘Submit’ on THIS post. 

So, which AUM LEADER (first to post a comment) will be recognized on stage???