Ron Agypt - Liberty National Life Senior Vice President of Worksite Marketing

What a GREAT time of year!  It’s a time to reflect, a time to be thankful, and a time to count blessings.  2013 has almost arrived … IT’S TIME!

It’s time to analyze your strengths and the opportunities missed in 2012. It’s time to set audacious goals for 2013 and beyond for you, your teammates, your families, and your Branch. It’s time to establish your vision and your mission for 2013. Once you have those things, share them with everyone you’re close to.  

It’s been said most successful people have the ability to keep the main thing just that … the main thing! Define your main thing in 2013 and get fired up about it!

The rest is simple … RA + RA = RR.  Right Activity + Right Attitude = Right Result.  Keep the main thing the main thing and be bold in 2013.

Let’s fast forward to January 1, 2014. Will you be able to say “I did it!” or “We did it!”? You will if you keep the main thing the main thing! With that in mind …

What will be your main thing for 2013?