Mitch Smith - Liberty National Life Director

Mitch Smith – Liberty National Director

All of us are seeking growth at Liberty National. Think about it. Whether it’s personal, spiritual, or professional, we all want and desire growth. So, if we want it, crave it, need it, and strive for it, why, at times, does it seem so hard to grasp?

I believe there are many answers to that question, but each of us must come up with our personal answer. One man’s challenge is another man’s triumph. No situation is the same.

Growth is defined as the process of growing, something that grows, or an increase in some quantity over time. If the definition is elementary and we all want and need growth, in some form or fashion, why is it so evasive?

It’s because growth does not occur without some level of discomfort, change, and increased responsibility. To grow your organization, you must first grow yourself. You cannot help others at Liberty National without helping yourself first. If you improve, so will the people around you.

Think about it. When you get on a commercial flight and the flight attendant goes through the pre-flight preparation, one of the directions is to put your own mask on first before helping others in the event of cabin pressure loss.

So what’s my message? If you’re not breathing oxygen, you’ll be of no use to the person next to you. Sound familiar?

Whatever growth you are after, whether its spiritual, personal, or professional, you have to make the first move. You have to lead from the front. You have to be somewhere, where others aren’t, but want to be.

So ask yourself: do I put my mask on first?