Dig your heels in and get down to businessRUN with the TOOLS you’ve been given at Leadership Academy 101.

YOU are EMPOWERED to help YOUR Branch achieve new heights.  AUMs are the FUTURE of Liberty National.

Some people think bulls are stubborn.  Well, yeah, they are.  But stubborn shed in a positive light is perseverance.  Only with perseverance will YOU achieve GREAT things as a leader.  There are going to be good days. There are going to be bad days.  But on the bad days, get up, dust yourself off, and TRY AGAIN.  Never lose sight of why you’re chasing this dream.  You want to HELP people.  You want to LEAD people.  You want to EARN a lotta moolah.  Keep TRYING.  Even when it hurts.  Even when all you’ve got is just a shred of energy left.  Don’t. Give. Up. EVER. Become a bull, who instead of running from challenges, runs horns first toward them.

No one is stopping you from succeeding but YOU.  Are YOU ready to take a Leap of Faith?