You jumped on the advanced leadership train 90 days ago at Liberty National Leadership Academy 201. Now, you’re thinking about heading up front and taking your place as the conductor of your own Agency. So you have to be en route to Leadership Academy 301, and we want to help you get there. That’s why we caught up with one of your #LLA201 mentors.

Agency Owner and Council of Champions member Sherri Young is back to keep you on track and derail any fears you have about your leadership journey. Check out her video below to go full steam ahead toward Liberty National Leadership Academy 301!

Agency Owner Sherri Young on Developing Others

Do It for your Liberty National Team

Sherri emphasizes devoting yourself to your team. The more you pour into their successes, the fuller you will find your own triumphs. You should be taking your team’s achievements and failures personally. Their actions reflect on you and will ultimately determine how far you advance with Liberty National.

Now, ask yourself:  Am I willing to do what others aren’t? If so, you WILL find success others can’t. Tell us how you’re achieving success by building your team and remaining disciplined. Are you implementing Sherri’s advice? Tell us below!