#LLA101 pumped you full of powerful knowledge and set the stage for an all-star performance from your Liberty National team. Throughout your 101 training you fueled up on delicious meals, mastered a victory dance to the tune of ‘Happy’, and were inspired by Liberty National MVPs.  Now, your skills are 90 days strong and you feel prepped and ready to tackle your next challenge:  Liberty National Leadership Academy 201.

The 101 equipped you with a roster of ideas to take back to your Agency. But these tips are not just a drill! You have to implement if you want to move up in the ranks with Liberty National. You can’t advance by sitting on the sidelines!  That’s why we brought in your leadership mentor SVP Sami Nizam to coach you on how to really drive the line in your Agency.

SVP Sami Nizam on Advancement

Make Your Move:  Getting to Liberty National Leadership Academy 201

Like Sami said, it’s important to select three or four ideas from #LLA101 and focus on putting them to work in your Agency. You’ve been hard at work preparing for the 201, but what will be your final push to qualify? Building a powerhouse team could be your ticket! If you want to grow as a leader and qualify for #LLA201, flex your leadership muscles and work hard to build your team.

What is your game plan to get in the victory zone and qualify for Leadership Academy 201? Comment below and let us know!