It’s been a long time, Liberty National Leadership Academy 101 grads – 60 days to be exact. That’s plenty of time for you to absorb what you learned and start putting it into action at your own Agencies. If you keep hitting the goals you set with your AO, then you’ll be back at the Home Office for Leadership Academy 201 in no time! If you need a reminder on how to really advance your career, Agency Owner Stephanie Jackson has a few pointers for you.

Get Involved with Building Your Liberty National Agency

You’ve probably been told over and over how important it is to build your Agency, but that’s because it’s a surefire way to achieve a high level of success in this industry. At Liberty National’s Leadership Academy, you learned plenty of techniques and strategies for strengthening your Agency, and now is the time to put them to use. Your career can’t grow until your Agency does, and that will never happen unless you get out there and make it happen.

Get Involved with the Classroom

Bringing someone into your Liberty National Agency isn’t where the story ends, however. It’s just as vital that you follow through and ensure your new Agents get proper coaching to help them advance. The best way to do this is to make sure that their training will help them succeed. As Jackson said at Liberty National’s Leadership Academy 101, “If they’re not seeing the same thing in the field that they see in the classroom, all those hours that you just spent in the classroom are completely in vain, and you lose your credibility.“

Get Involved with Your Own Development

While you’re holding other Liberty National Agents accountable for their advancement, don’t forget to do the same with yourself. Are you meeting your goals and living up to your own standards? Ideally, you want to transform yourself into an example for others to live up to.

How have you helped your Agency to grow? Do you think you have what it takes to get to Liberty National’s Leadership Academy 201? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or visit Liberty National’s Official Facebook Page to tell us what you’ve accomplished!