Not So Frequently Asked #LLA101 Questions

How many Liberty National Agents does it take to effectively do the Wobble?

How much On The Border can one man (or woman) stomach?

How many pairs of sunglasses can an attendee score at our Social Media station?

The answers to these questions and more await Liberty National Leadership Academy attendees. This crew is in transit to the Home Office in McKinney, TX, now, headed from all across the country, with a single vision of rocking #LLA101.

Yes, LLA101 will be in full swing tomorrow. There will be dancing. There will be delicious food. And there will be a ton of energy. But don’t forget, there will also be incredible speakers sharing insights, industry experts in the house for networking, and giveaways for Social Media super stars.

If you’re headed to the Home Office for Liberty National Leadership Academy, welcome to the best week of your life. Let us know below which Agency you’re representing.