Embark on a career with Liberty National? Check. Supervise your own team of Agents? Check. Graduate from Liberty National Leadership Academy 101? Check.

What’s next on your to-do list for success? Qualify for Leadership Academy 201! And with the energy you’ve been riding for the past 30 days since 101, you’re right on track. That doesn’t mean this mission will be easy. You must listen to your Liberty National coaches and ensure your team is growing. And since no one knows how to make the most of your 101 training better than #LLA101 Contest Winner and Agency Director Addison Everett from the Kevin Peterson Agency, we’re bringing his insights right to your screen! Hear his advice for you in the video below.

AD Addison Everett on Energy

Staying Energized after Liberty National Leadership Academy

Unless you have a stockpile of Red Bull on hand (sounds a little like Leadership Academy, doesn’t it?), staying energized is hard work. But as Addison points out, energy is the tidal wave that will submerge you in success! Better yet, your energy is contagious and will spread to your growing team. Think how powerful that is! Influence everyone around you with your positive vibe, and watch the successes stack up.

So knock off a few more items on your #LLA201 checklist:  stay positive, refreshed, and share with us how you’re keeping your energy level high!