Being a leader at Liberty National means making choices – choices that not only affect you, but everyone who looks to you for guidance. It also means embracing change. During my years as an Agency Owner at Liberty National Life Insurance Company, I’ve overcome many challenges by keeping a positive attitude, staying open-minded, and, most importantly, making changes.

Embracing Change - Maintain an Ownership Mentality at Liberty National Changes Move You Forward

July 2012 was a month of many changes in my career. The lease of my old office with Liberty National was about to expire, and even though I was excited about moving into a new office, I was also nervous about the expenses I was about to incur. Knowing that this time around I’d be the one choosing where I’d be conducting business, my excitement outweighed my fear. My vision was to find an attractive, inviting new office that would warmly welcome new recruits and clients. I was fortunate to find just that.

In addition to changing my office location, I also made the decision to become an Independent Agency Owner. There were several factors I considered when making this decision, but the 10-year Vested Renewal Schedule turned out to be the perfect choice for me. Although significant, these changes only further fueled my desire for change. That’s right, halfway through 2012 and I was just getting started with the Tampa Bay Branch’s makeover.

In October, I visited one of Liberty National’s sister companies in Chicago. During this visit, my mind was going 100MPH – what I experienced in Chicago I might have heard from others in the past, but seeing it was completely different. I finally had the opportunity to observe what it takes to run a productive and effective organization. This visit made me realize that I had created a culture of average thinkers in my own organization. Suddenly, my perspectives of my role and the role of a business owner collided, opening my eyes to the true meaning of what it takes to be an Agency Owner.

Back in Tampa Bay, my first decision was to hire a full-time administrative assistant. My time as an Agency Owner is valuable and my goal was to develop as many Managers as possible. Hiring an administrative assistant was the only way to alleviate me of all the administrative work I was performing on a daily basis. I’m now able to spend more time with my Agents, SGAs, and ADs, helping them develop and improve their leadership skills. It’s important to create a core group of leaders within your Agency, and to spend quality time with them to ensure their success and satisfaction.

Another significant change I made was in our Agency schedule. Our Agency meetings had been too early, which didn’t allow me enough time to meet with my core. By changing the time of these meetings, I’ve opened up time to role play before our recruiting sessions, discuss production, set objectives, discuss codes, and develop leadership. Our meetings are also more upbeat and enthusiastic now. We incorporate music, motivational videos, and inspirational stories in every meeting.

Liberty National is a Culture of Winners

I am creating a culture of winners. I want my Agency to excel in everything they do and I want my team members to live abundant, fulfilling lives simply by doing what we do best – helping others. As motivational speaker Tony Robbins once said, “By changing nothing, nothing changes.” Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.