Shashi Parekh - Liberty National Life Director

Shashi Parekh – Liberty National Life Director

Effective leadership at Liberty National is influence… nothing more nothing less.

Effective Leadership involves:

• Looking beyond today and analyzing the business environment for tomorrow. And the next day, and the next. Don’t live in the past. Even in the best of weather, look for new opportunities out there.  Adapt to changes and after embracing change, respond to it with creative action.

• Challenging the old way and assessing what the data says. If the numbers support your feelings, and you haven’t been achieving the results you want, do something different. Take action. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Get out of your comfort zone.

• Guarding against competitive bias. Adjust your model before someone else changes it for you.

• Making changes. Change results in growth. Human nature is to resist change, but don’t resist it or you’ll miss opportunities.

Leaders need to find constructive ways to connect with the individuals they wish to influence so team members understand that not growing equals waste. Make change equivalent to growth, and growth equivalent to results.

Apply these tips to your own career path and see what results you get. What changes can you make to become a more effective leader at Liberty National?