Elgin Barnett - Liberty National Life Director

Elgin Barnett – Liberty National Life Director

After 15 years in the insurance industry, I often ask myself why some people succeed regardless of circumstance, while others don’t, even in the best of circumstances.

I believe at Liberty National there are seven ways you move forward to achieve the great success you’re looking for.

1)  Start with goals. Categorize them by personal, family, financial, and business and give yourself a timeline in which to achieve them. Eliminate words like “if,” “but,” and “maybe” from your list. These are often followed by roadblocks standing in your way. No great success story has ever been accomplished without first experiencing a challenge. Expect hurdles along the way, but look at them as learning experiences that enable you to grow on your path to success.

2)  Make the decision. Show a strong resolve!  Have you ever decided to lose weight, purchase that new car, or fix that old, squeaky door? Those things all involve action. Envision the finish line as you move towards your goal.

3)  Have a positive attitude. It’s said that your attitude determines your altitude. Your attitude can become your worst enemy if you aren’t willing to keep it in check. That doesn’t mean everything is great, and nothing can ever go wrong, but it does mean that only you can truly determine your attitude. Great leaders and sales people often evolve simply because of this one trait.

4)  Follow a proven system. You can have the greatest attitude in the world, with the brightest outlook on life and career, but without a system in place to achieve your goals, you can fail or settle for far less than what your abilities allow unless you have a systematic process for achieving consistent and duplicable results. Have you ever wondered why some of the greatest sales people are never able to develop other great sales people? Often times it’s because the sales person does not have a duplicable, teachable system. If you are in sales or a leadership role at Liberty National, you have proven systems and training playbooks to help you achieve success.

5)  Get uncomfortable. This separates those who achieve a large measure of success from those who choose to settle. To start this process, begin to work on your weaknesses. This may be difficult because you must be willing to listen to your mentors and honestly identify those weaknesses.  Keeping an open mind through this process and striving each day to improve on your weaknesses is a huge step toward achieving greater success.  This may require longer hours, additional study, or a change in habits … but in the long run it enables you to work smarter, not just harder.

6)  Become an effective communicator. In a world of ambitious people, it’s important to voice exactly what you want. I have yet to see companies with professional mind readers on their staff, so it’s important to voice your goals, ambitions, thoughts, and dreams. If you’re in a leadership role, it’s important to offer encouragement and guidance. It sounds simple, but when done right can move mountains in your organization.

7)  Ask for help. All great leaders had someone they followed throughout their career who took a special interest in them; that helped them get to where they are today. At times your pride may stand in the way of your growth and continued development, but don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether a Director, Branch Manager, Unit Manager, Assistant Unit Manager, or Agent, we all have value we can contribute to Liberty National’s growth.

Who has helped you move forward to realize your full potential? Are you helping others reach their full potential?