Day 2

Today Liberty National Leadership Academy attendees are going to explore The Opportunity of a Lifetime.  You guys know the gra$$ is greener in commission sales.  The challenge is to get recruits to see the same thing you do.  Are you game?

While you’re getting your game face on, enjoy the rest of Day 2′s focus on training.  You guys are going to get knee-deep in needs-based selling.  Chased with some PESOS and field training.

Today’s SPECTACULAR speakers include:

  • Sami Nizam
  • Brian Cannington
  • Mike Sheets
  • Luke Gilliam
  • Steve DiChiaro
  • Rob Gray

Liberty National Leadership Academy is THE place to be today.  If you’re NOT here, do whatever you got to do (production and sponsorship from your Manager) to get here NEXT time.  For now, you’ll just have to take the word of the elite attendees.

Attendees, how AMAZING was Day 2?  What did YOU learn?  What song pumped YOU up the most?  Are YOU fired up and ready to go gangbusters when you get back to your Branch?