Since I came on board with Liberty National, I’ve never been as excited about the opportunities available companywide as I am right now. Unlike most companies, Liberty National offers opportunities fostered by a culture of growth and change.

Wherever you are in your career – whether you’re an Agent, a Supervising Agent, an Agency Director, Regional Agency Director, or an Agency Owner – the best part of Liberty National is that the Company has the tools you need to not only get to the next level, but to succeed at the next level.

A Culture of Success at Liberty National

A Culture of Success at Liberty National

We’ve all been educated on the importance of having vision and reaching certain goals to make our dreams a reality. While it’s true vision and goal setting is important, I don’t find it as much of a motivator as something even more basic to the human spirit — regret.

How many times have you made a decision and later regretted not taking that chance, trying a little harder, or making a different choice? What if you had gone to a different college, studied harder for that test, or not answered that recruiting call from Liberty National? Where would you be right now?

Don’t Experience the Sting of Regret

Dreams are great, but it’s regret that stings and is so harsh. Dreams are only the hopes of what you wish to achieve. Without hard work and energy, dreams simply fall out of focus or become unrealistic. Dreaming is important, but it’s the fear of regret or failure that truly motivates us to excel.

So how do you avoid looking back on your life with regret? It’s simple. In both your personal and professional life, first identify the dreams most important to you; select a path that will lead you to them; and put in the work it takes to make your dreams a reality.

Mark Cuban, successful businessman, investor, and philanthropist, says, “Never follow your dreams. Follow your effort. It’s not about what you can dream of. That’s easy. It’s about whether or not it’s important enough to you to do the work to be ready to be successful in that business.”

Liberty National Culture

Liberty National fosters a culture of success, offering not only the training you need to move forward with your career, but also immense encouragement from those around you. Take a courageous step forward, put forth the energy required to reach your dreams, and recognize that Liberty National can be the vehicle to make your dreams and goals attainable.

Don’t Experience the Sting of Regret

Don’t Experience the Sting of Regret

As you achieve success and ascend up the Liberty National leadership ladder, be sure to encourage those around you. Be helpful and kind. Always try to give as much as you get from your coworkers, supervisors, and friends. In the end, you’ll find it’s true — the more you give, the more you get. Inspire those around you to dream and show them, through hard work and perseverance, that dreams are attainable and regret is avoidable.

Your success starts today, right now. Look at where you are and envision where you want to be. Are you an Agent interested in a leadership role? Are you an Agency Director eager to open your own Agency in a new location? Consider what you need to do to move up. Is your dream important enough for you to put in the extra effort? If so, don’t just dream it — DO IT!

Someday we’ll all come to the end of our lives and have the chance to look back on the steps taken, the paths chosen, and the decisions we made that impacted others. Start eliminating any chances for regret right now to ensure that the retrospective of your life will be positive.