Competitive Teamwork Creates Success at Liberty National!Liberty National is a lot like your family. You work hard every day to maintain a sense of cohesiveness within your Agency as you do within your family. You share each others’ successes and disappointments. You get along really well with most coworkers and not as well with a few others. You reprimand each other when somebody messes up. Liberty National is like your family … some days it drives you to distraction and other days we want to put our arms around it and give it a massive hug.

If you are going to achieve success at home or at work, it takes cooperation and caring. You have to care enough about each other’s success to want to create it. You all have to pull together to make it happen. Whether you’re a family or an Agency team, at the center of every high performing and highly successful group is a common purpose – a mission or goal that reaches beyond each of the teams’ individual members and focuses on the team as a whole.

In John J. Murphy’s book, The Ten Rules for High Performance, he states, “Effective team players understand personal issues and personality differences are secondary to team demands. This does not mean abandoning who you are or giving up your individuality. On the contrary, it means sharing your unique strengths and differences to move the team forward. This cooperation of collective capability empowers a team and generates synergy.”

Murphy emphasizes cooperation means working together for mutual gain-sharing responsibility for success and failure and covering for one another on a moment’s notice. It does not mean competing against one another at the team’s expense, but competing against one another to raise the bar for success that positively impacts the entire team. Mutual gain means working as a team to energize and create power and potential above and beyond that of the individual. Most importantly, it also means capitalizing on individual strengths, offsetting individual weaknesses, and using diversity to an advantage.

You’ve probably heard the expression, “It takes all kinds.” Well, fortunately, at Liberty National, we have ‘all kinds’ with an abundance of personalities that offer up a variety of strengths and weaknesses. We can embrace and nurture the uniqueness of each individual in each Agency office and create a committed team with clear purpose and priorities.

Take Your Commitment to the Next Level at Liberty National!

Because we are all in the Liberty National family and on the same team, IT’S TIME to take our commitment to the next level. As I review our weekly objectives and results, I know our production is increasing week after week, but not at the rate of which we are capable. The talent within this Company is extraordinary, and I want to see each and every one of you live up to your potential personally and collectively. You want to be the best moms and dads you possibly can to give your kids the best start in life. Well, I want you to be the best Liberty National Agency Owners, Agency Directors, Supervising Agents, and Agents possible to give yourselves and this great Company the production you both want and deserve.

As you all know, I’m a big advocate of competition. Competition takes you out of your comfort zone; it brings out the best in you; and it creates the desire to be even better! A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to watch a youth league basketball game with a group of highly motivated 12-year-olds. As I watched I thought, “If our people approach this tremendous opportunity and the goals we have in place like these kids approach this basketball game, we CANNOT BE BEATEN. We can accomplish anything.”

You Can Do It!

As exercise guru, Tony Little, use to say, “YOU CAN DO IT!” Get excited and stay excited. Remember, your Monday meetings are for inspiration and motivation. Energize and invigorate. Set goals and expectations. Get the juices of competition flowing so that anything and everything is possible. IT’S TIME!!