I’m a big fan of sports. It’s hard not to root for a winning team! I get caught up in the competiveness and excitement of a total team effort or an individual athlete’s undeniable will to win. It’s truly all-inspiring. However, there are times I find myself cheering for the underdog.

Think about it. There are so many elements that make up a great success story. It’s great when an underdog team pulls off a victory and earns their spot in a championship game, or upsets a team to hoist the coveted trophy after having a remarkable and surprising year.

We’ve seen some great stories in the last few years in every respective sport including football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. We’ve witnessed the amazing comebacks and total team turn around when there seemed to be no way to come back to a victory. Some teams even had history working against them, but found a way to beat the odds.

Failure is not an option at Liberty National!

No doubt fans brace themselves with thoughts of, “Let’s give it our best”. They don’t expect to win many games, much less compete to win a championship. Some teams, individual players, or organizations perhaps had the “maybe next year” mentality long before the season even began. At times you can see it in a player’s eyes, or perhaps the team has never had a winning season. Where little is accomplished, less is expected. However, those thought processes can change with a different perspective on a new year, a new coach, a new system, a new player, a group of players, or sometimes the same players with a new outlook. Then all of a sudden a team everyone counted out is now a contender. Every interview, coach, and player perspective now gives every indication that no one expects to fail.

Championship Victories at Liberty National

Championship Victories at Liberty National

What makes up these remarkable sports stories? The surprising comebacks and victories, against all odds, that seem to inspire millions, have us glued in front of our television sets. In life, business, and sports there are so many similarities that seem to have the same elements. In my mind this allows us to achieve greater success even when the initial outlook may not have been in our favor.

No doubt the team or individual athlete had a goal. Possibly the beginning of the year or a mid-season mindset made them decide, regardless of the past or future, there would be a much different outcome. Once the goal has been clearly established, failure is no longer an option. This moves one to the definitive decision making process that comes with a strong resolve to never give up in spite of obstacles. No doubt the psyche has a lot to do with whether or not a person or team can and will achieve greatness. It all starts with having a positive mental attitude. Without it a team or individual is already defeated. Most athletes will say, “I just believed that I could”. That’s really is where it starts.

With all that belief and talent, one must implement a system that gets results for their efforts. One can have the best attitude in the world, with the brightest outlook on their life and career, but without a system in place to achieve their goals they’ll often fail or settle for far less than what their abilities allow. There must be a systematic process for achieving consistent and duplicable results. This leads to one understanding, that they must do what is at times uncomfortable. This is perhaps the biggest roadblock separating those who achieve a large measure of success from those who seemingly settle. Achievers are constantly doing what often times can be uncomfortable. To start this process we must begin to work on our weaknesses. This may be difficult to do because we must be willing to listen to our mentors and honestly identify what those weaknesses are. Keeping an open mind through this process and striving each day to perfect our weaknesses is a huge step towards achieving greater success.

Make 2014 your year!

I believe for many of you this is your comeback year. 2014 can be the greatest year in your Liberty National career if you believe. However, belief is not enough if one does not implement the systems in place to succeed. Constant focus is necessary to see it through.

What steps are you taking to ensure 2014 will be your greatest year?