I have the privilege of promoting leadership development at Liberty National. This makes me incredibly eager for the Leadership Academy courses we have coming up this year at the Home Office in McKinney, Texas! We have so many leaders applying in hopes of taking their career to the next level.

A Vision for the Future

Leaders who participate in Leadership Academy have a vision for their future and see the opportunity to grow within the Company. Attendees hear from inspiring guest speakers including executives, Agency Owners, and Agency Directors. Leadership Academy can absolutely help leaders set goals and make a plan of action to achieve their dreams. We instill the basics of teambuilding every Agency needs to grow and move their leaders up the career ladder. We demonstrate how leaders can build their teams by recruiting and growing their pipeline.

I Can’t Wait to See you at Liberty National Leadership Academy!

I Can’t Wait to See you at Liberty National Leadership Academy!

It’s so exciting to see Academy attendees leave and develop into successful Agency Directors who eventually become Agency Owners. The exceptional systems we have at Liberty National to help them grow quickly, if they’re willing to work for it. At Leadership Academy you see firsthand the benefits and importance of teambuilding.

After future leaders attend Leadership Academy I see wildly positive changes in their attitudes and determination level. They learn how to dream bigger, develop their vision, and believe in themselves and their Agencies. They realize with the right training and repeated use of proven effective systems they can have an overwhelmingly awesome career with Liberty National. They also see the benefits of sharing the Opportunity of a Lifetime with others.

Liberty National Empowers Leaders

I cannot choose just one of my favorite things about Leadership Academy, but I love the excitement level and energy of our future leaders. They’re so excited to take what they’ve learned back to their Agencies. I see the empowerment in their eyes, and it looks like every one of them is thinking ‘I Believe’ I can do this, not only well, but at an Agency Owner level!