Are you where you want and need to be at Liberty National? Is your Agency where it wants and needs to be? If not, what can you do NOW … what can you do TODAY to make a difference tomorrow … and in the months and years ahead?

Activity is the Foundation of Sales

What Can You Do NOW Liberty National? Before you can successfully answer that, you need to determine if something is holding you back. Is something preventing you and your fellow Agency members from achieving complete and total success every day? I believe it comes down to recognizing and controlling the foundation of sales … activity. No matter what kind of sales you’re in, your success generally comes down to how much activity you generate. Whether it’s selling widgets or selling insurance, less activity equals fewer sales; more activity equals increased sales. It’s as simple as that.

One of the best ways to generate increased activity is to collect referrals. We talk a lot about the importance of asking for referrals, but are you actually doing it? And are you collecting enough referrals? A Monday afternoon appointment can give you enough referral activity for the rest of the week, or the rest of the month. Even if you don’t make a sale, you can still ask for referrals. The product may not be right for your prospect, but it may be perfect for Mr. Smith down the block. If you demonstrate a positive attitude and are respectful to your prospect, you can still get referrals, even if you don’t make that particular sale.

We’re not yet where we need to be in terms of recruiting and coding, but we’re going in the right direction. The number of newly hired Agents is increasing weekly on a regular basis along with the number of codes. We want this trend to continue, so it becomes more than a trend. We want this to be the norm week after week and month after month.

What else can you do? Keep your team members fired up about reinstating lapsed business. The contest is over, but the effort must continue. These lapsed policyholders know you; they know the products you offer; they know Liberty National is a quality Company. With all those positives already in place, you’re halfway there to getting that customer back on board.

Successful Liberty National Agencies

Organize promotions within your Agency, and not just for the overall Agency. Have your Agency Directors and Supervising Agents set up individual challenges and promotions within their own teams. Get their competitive juices flowing as you pit them against one another. Which team can recruit the most new Agents? Which team can recruit the most new Agents who code within the first month? Your object is always to have as many Agents as possible in the field submitting business. Get everyone in your Agency involved in the recruiting and coding process, and your numbers and Liberty National’s numbers will climb … and climb consistently.

Stay laser-focused on your goals. 2014 will be the year that we accelerate the positive trend in growth, the year that we set the stage for Liberty National’s return to greatness, so that once again Liberty becomes a shining jewel in the Torchmark crown. Don’t get left behind. Be instrumental in Liberty’s resurgence and take your team and your Agency to the top of the mountain. The view will be spectacular!