Some quotes are so ingrained in our culture their mere declaration elicits an automatic head nod followed by an internal “Yep, that’s the truth!”

Quotes like Sun Tzu’s “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” A classic.

Then there’s “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” most often attribute to Gandhi.

And lastly, a short and sweet quote that’s become a staple in the business community:  “Don’t burn your bridges.” A statement so commonplace, no one has any idea who the first person was to utter its five syllables.

Whoever said it, though, is wrong. At least that’s according to Liberty National President and CEO Roger Smith. He will be the first to tell you his take on the oft-used statement:  BURN EVERY BRIDGE BEHIND YOU. Every single one. “That way,” he says, “there’s NO temptation to go back – only to move forward.”

Roger Smith’s bridge-burning declaration is by no means an encouragement to e-mail previous employers to tell them you’re better off without them.  Rather, it’s a call to action, encouraging every Liberty National Agent to never dwell on the past. With a future that can be whatever we make of it, what good would that do any of us? It would serve only as a toxic addition to an otherwise open and freewheeling mind.

Where are your priorities? After family, good health, and a few other things we’re thankful for, where do your priorities lie? If making a great income, and doing it while helping others, is at or near the top of your list, you would do yourself a great disservice to look to the past. Why? Because the moment you start to think about a ‘Plan B’, your ‘Plan A’ begins to suffer. When you decide to turn around and visit the rest stop you passed a mile back, you’re doing so at the expense of the rest of the drive. Instead, take note of Roger Smith’s advice and just keep driving, ever-optimistic another rest stop is comin’ up in just a few miles; never break the stride that’s inching you towards your initial destination.

If you keep on driving, burning down every bridge along the way, that rest stop is sure to come, followed by a better one, then an even better one.

In the meantime, enjoy the drive … and don’t forget your matchbook.

What is your favorite quote, and how do you feel it applies to your career with Liberty National?