In the Branch-building business, few things are more crucial to success than establishing a network of recruits. A healthy, ever-expanding network provides Liberty National Managers the foresight they need to set goals, and the resources they need to then reach those goals. It also results in a better balance between increasing production and recruiting new Agents. Here’s how to build your Branch at Liberty National and execute the processes put in place to ensure a prosperous insurance sales career:

  • Clearly define stages:  Define not only the stages of prospect growth (from the very beginning to the nurture stage to their first sale), but also the communication strategy at each stage:  what’s in it for the recruit, what their role is in the system, etc. Boldly defining these stages – both to new recruits and to established UMs and AUMs – will make decision-making in your Branch easier and action-taking faster and more successful.
  • Make it easy for recruits:  Give your prospects ample chances to speak up and be active in their own growth track from the moment they sign the contract. A weekly meeting with new recruits about expectations could be the missing piece to the puzzle for a Branch lacking high FYA production.
  • Promote the ‘Opportunity of a Lifetime’:  With so many resources available to promote insurance sales careers and management careers with our Company (Branch websites,, @Liberty Careers, etc.), make sure those in your Branch are using these resources to build their own recruiting network. Encourage all Agents to promote these resources on their business cards and informational mediums. Each source is chalked full of information pertaining to ‘The Opportunity of a Lifetime.’

As an Agent or Manager, what tips do you have to help others Liberty National Life Insurance Company representatives build their personal recruiting network and increase their commission sales?