“Our job is to extend opportunity and understand why we do what we do.”Owen Wilson, Fall Agency Owner Meeting

I Believe - Liberty National 2014‘I Believe’ is the official Liberty National theme for 2014! This is the time of year to set your goals, make a plan for the future, and look forward to success. Evaluate the progress you made in 2013 and decide what you want to have accomplished by this time next year.

Use the Systems at Liberty National

Whether you’re an Agent, Supervising Agent, Agency Director, or Agency Owner, there are certain systems and procedures you can follow to be successful and exhibit your belief in Liberty National.

  • Create a passionate recruiting culture in your office.
  • Be an Agency Builder! Make it your mission to extend the Opportunity of a Lifetime to others. Always be thinking about coding Agents.
  • Believe in the products Liberty National offers.
  • Climb the career ladder from Agent, to SA, to AD, to AO to get to the top.
  • Establish your legacy and make a name for yourself. How do you want to be remembered?
  • Focus on growth for yourself, your Agency, and the Company.
  • Make leaders aware of your goals so they can help get you on the right career track to achieve your dreams.
  • Use training methods, systems, and technology to learn, sell, and recruit.
  • Build leadership skills and motivate others to do the same.
  • Set BIG goals for yourself in terms of growth, financial gain, and recruiting.
  • Attend Leadership Academy to learn from Company leaders and network with other Agents.

“What we believe is what we’ll do.”Ben Hastings, Fall Agency Owner Meeting

Take advantage of this critical time of year to decide what you believe in for 2014. Start the year out on a successful note. Prioritize goals and let them be known. Believe in yourself, your Agency, and Liberty National. Believe in the incredible opportunity to protect people by providing coverage to families. Brace yourself for what will be one of the most outstanding years yet!

“Talk about promotion all the time.” -Michele Sellors, Fall Agency Owner Meeting