Steve DiChiaro - Are You Ready to Reach the Peak?Have you ever been rock climbing? It’s an exhilarating experience. As you start the process of moving upward, you quickly realize the climb becomes more difficult with each succeeding step. You must maintain your level of intensity, yet be patient with yourself at the same time. Rushing the climb could spell disaster. You must strategize your next steps. You must take greater risks as you climb higher and higher. As the climb progresses and you become more fatigued, you count on your inner reserves to successfully keep moving upward. But as the difficulty increases and the skills required to meet them do the same, so do the rewards. After all, when you reach the peak, you can stand there and marvel at the magnificence around you … whether it’s the sky above, the green valleys and flowing rivers below, or a desert mesa in the distance. You know without a doubt you have achieved something wonderful.

Attain your Goals at Liberty National

Life is a lot like rock climbing. To attain the goal … to reach the peak of the mountain … you must be among the best. And that holds true at Liberty National as well. If you want to go from Agent level to Supervising Agent level to Agency Director level to Agency Owner level or beyond, you must prove yourself at each level in order to move on to the next one.

How do you do it? By planning your work and working your plan. It’s an often-used expression, but it’s as true today as it was in 1900 when Liberty National began. Plan … implement the plan … inspect the plan to make sure it’s creating the kind of activity you want … and adjust the plan where needed.  Institutions and people can become successful and remain successful by following that format. You only need the desire to create an appropriate plan and work it. That idea was evident to me when we were at Torch Club. The Hotel del Coronado in San Diego has been operating successfully since 1888 and is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. Obviously, the management team planned properly, executed the plan appropriately, and made changes when and where needed to create and sustain one of the most beautiful and famous properties in the world.

Liberty National has been in business for 113 years, and I fully expect it to far surpass ‘the del’ in terms of longevity. Liberty National counts on people like you to make that happen. The Company has provided you with The Opportunity of a Lifetime. You simply need to seize that opportunity to move from level to level to create the success you want … a success that will keep this Company flourishing.

Use the Tools for Success

Liberty National provides the tools. You need to maximize them. Make Personal Observation UNLIMITED Recruiting (POUR) a way of life. Utilize Liberty National’s Social Media sites to recruit and promote the Company and your Agency. Use Laptop-On-Demand Training. Make full use of the Needs-Based Laptop Sales Presentation. Solicit sponsorships at every opportunity. Learn both individual and worksite sales via the Training and Sales Playbooks as well as from your field training and day-to-day experience.  Schedule and maintain regular Call Clinics. Become a routine Weekend Warrior. Strengthen your skills and confidence level by attending Liberty Leadership Academy. The list of tools is almost unlimited, and all of it is available to you to help you reach the top of the mountain.

Believe me, reaching that next level is truly where you want to be. The rewards are amazing! How about the opportunity to attend Liberty National’s Leadership Academy to learn from our management team?  How about an expense-paid trip for you and a guest to New Orleans in 2014? How about owning your own Agency and using your talents to expand this great Company?

The top of the mountain is within your reach!