Liberty National Executive Vice President Steve DiChiaro

Liberty National Executive Vice President Steve DiChiaro

No matter what your current position with Liberty National … Agency Owner, Agency Director, Supervising Agent, or Agent … there are three critical processes that create success for you as an individual, for your Agency, and ultimately for our Company — recruiting, training, and leadership development.

Recruiting is not something you do only from 7:30 to 11 on Monday. It’s something you do all day, every day. Recruiting must not only be part of your Agency culture, it must be part of your personal psyche. Remember POUR?  ‘Personal Observation Unlimited Recruiting’ is a system of recruiting anytime and anywhere. Everywhere you go someone is waiting for success, and you can give it to them. You only need to recognize it. Too many Agencies look at recruiting as an interruption to production. But it’s exactly the opposite.  Recruiting is a means to production. The more individuals you and your team recruit, the more opportunity you provide for others to create their own success, while enhancing your own. But always remember to monitor and inspect your recruiting processes, and don’t hesitate to make changes to get the results you want.

Stay in constant contact with new hires throughout the licensing and ‘on boarding’ process. Your future relationship depends on how you handle the initial stages. Someone from your Agency needs to maintain daily contact with new hires so there is no doubt in their minds that Liberty National cares about them and their future success with the Company.

Training comes next! Remember SHOW new hires how to sell; don’t just tell them. We have wonderful training tools in our arsenal, but new hires must know and understand how to use them. As with recruiting, inspect the training processes within your Agency to make sure those processes are producing the desired results.

If you recruit and train properly, your ultimate goal to develop leaders is the natural result. Individuals who are confident in their knowledge and skills are more likely to want to move up the career ladder than those who are unsure or hesitant. Leaders come from positions of strength, and it is your job and that of your team to recruit and train individuals to develop that strength. The leaders you help develop today will continue through the days, months, and years ahead to sustain a Company that is thriving every day of every week of every year. It’s an exciting process, but like anything worthwhile, takes hard work and dedication.

Liberty National offers the ‘Opportunity of a Lifetime’ to anyone who truly wants it. We have all heard that statement many times, and it is true now more than ever before. The opportunity for this Company to grow and expand is absolutely without limit. I want the name Liberty National to be a household name in every state … and eventually around the globe.

Are you ready to put the negative thinking of past years behind you? Are you ready to accept the challenge of being an Agency leader now or within the next few years? We need your talent to open new Agency offices in states like California, Washington, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, Virginia, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia. If you aspire to be an Agency Owner, you can be. And you can do it in just about any city or town you want.  Remember, this is the new Liberty National, where dreams can and do come true!