Liberty National AD Dana Fontenot

Liberty National Agency Director Dana Fontenot

On Sept. 18, 2014, a group of fired up Agency Directors took the Home Office by storm for #LLA201. Over the course of two days these powerhouse leaders soaked up valuable training from Liberty National superstars, and shared how they achieve success in their careers.

Taking the Stage with Liberty National

AD Dana Fontenot of the Larry McDaniel Agency shared how her 20 years in pageantry have helped her throughout her journey with Liberty National.

Interviewing is a major part of pageants. Dana expressed how her pageant interview training helped prepare her for career success. She equated pageants to sales and emphasized how it’s important to be able to read people to get the win. She said, “If you can’t read a judge in 30 seconds – you’ve lost.” 

This same logic can be applied to a career with Liberty National. Being able to read people quickly and establish what they value is an important skill to have in your repertoire. Dana used this knowledge from pageant training to ace her interview with Liberty National and land her rock star position. This unique ability has also helped her when working in the field and building a successful team.

How Do You Achieve Success with Liberty National?

Create Your Own SuccessSuccess with Liberty National can be attained by people from all backgrounds. You never know when knowledge or skills from a past job or hobby may crossover and become valuable to your Liberty National career!

Do you have a story of success similar to Dana’s? We’d love to hear it! Share it with us in the comments below.