Luke Gilliam - Liberty National Life Vice President of Quality Business

Luke Gilliam – Liberty National Life Vice President of Quality Business

In some circles, accountability is a dirty word. Why? Even for the best leaders, it can be a challenge to hold others accountable to their own success. Being held accountable is something few followers embrace. It’s uncomfortable; it takes effort.

So why do it?

Accountability is the glue that holds together goals and the work necessary to achieve them at Liberty National. Organizations that fail to progress and individuals that flounder are the result when accountability is lacking. Either followers have a goal, but don’t do the work to achieve it, or work extremely hard, but never see the payoff.

The result in both scenarios is organizations and individuals failing to reach their potential.

Every successful person I’ve met can point to one or more individuals that taught, coached, mentored, or otherwise led them with tremendous accountability. That’s what leaders do – they hold themselves and others accountable. To do anything less is shortchanging the faith others have placed in you as a leader.

We are fortunate at Liberty National to be guided by leaders who are willing to do the difficult thing –hold others accountable, and do it with a servant’s attitude. Don’t we all want to be associated with people that challenge us to be better?

So next time a teachable moment arises with someone you lead at Liberty National, observe your own behavior. Do you hold that person accountable for the goals they share with you, or do you let them slide and justify on your own terms to avoid an uncomfortable conversation?

Make no mistake about it: holding others accountable is the single most difficult skill you can acquire as a leader. It’s also the most important. If you don’t know where to start, begin by spending more time with the best leader you know. Pick their brain. Ask good questions. Apply the answers to your life.

Every day in this career at Liberty National Life Insurance Company we have an opportunity to be that teacher, coach, and mentor that shapes another’s future. Whose life will you impact today?