Liberty National Unit Managers

If you thought Red Bull ignited energy in your veins, hold on to your seats. Pilot seats, that is. 

Go on, get situated, then buckle up and hold on.  You may even need some goggles because this week’s Liberty National Leadership Academy 201 is going blow you Unit Managers away.

You read that right.  Liberty National Life Insurance Company is going to give YOU so many tools, strategies for success, and motivation that you won’t want to come down out of the sky. But you will land that jet, right? Right. You’ll be SO pumped to implement the tactics learned at #LLA201 that you’ll fly back to your Branch at light speed. 

The 201:  Building for Ownership course is designed to help Liberty National leaders build a solid platform on which to grow their Branch with emphasis on:

  • Recruiting and retention
  • Effective field and classroom training
  • Goal setting and conflict management

Can you handle that? 

If you are up for the challenge, be the FIRST Unit Manager to drop a comment on this blog post.  The first Unit Manager to drop a comment on this blog post will be recognized in front of the entire LNL Leadership Academy on May 15, 2012.  We’ll also recognize you in Torch magazine and on Liberty National’s Official Social Media Facebook and Twitter sites.

So, which Unit Manager will earn bragging rights on Day 1???